Weston Ranch Towne Center

Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQs")


Develop Guidelines.


Which of the City’s code regulations and development standards apply to this project? 

Answer:  Weston Ranch Towne Center is located in the City of Stockton.  It therefore must comply with the zoning regulations and design standards and guidelines found in the City of Stockton municipal code and development code.  Regardless, the City of Stockton’s Planning Commission and City Council are responsible for review and approval of the Weston Ranch Towne Center development planning documents.



What type of landscaping will be provided for the project?

Answer: Landscaping requirements are governed by the Stockton municipal code and development code. The developer intends to have extensive landscape plantings along the edges of the project adjacent to the residential development. Additionally, the developer will design lush landscaping along the street front and throughout the parking lot areas.


What type of parking will be provided for the project?

Answer: The Weston Ranch Towne Center will provide parking in compliance with the Stockton municipal code and development code.


How will the project deal with traffic, noise, air quality?

Answer: The Environmental Impact Report process requires the developer to provide a detailed Traffic Impact Analysis, Noise Mitigation Analysis and Air Quality Analysis. These plans must be submitted to the City for review and will be part of the review and approval process before the Planning Commission of the Environmental Impact Report and the Development Application. Resolution of these issues is part of the development plan approval process.


What kind of architectural style will be constructed in the project? What types of colors and building materials will be used?

Answer: The Stockton municipal code and development code provide specific recommendations for architectural designs, materials, and colors. The developer has worked extensively with the city of Stockton Planning staff to develop an upscale architectural style with natural materials and significant architectural features. The colors have been chosen to provide a timeless, quality feel that matches the overall architectural theme.


Will the landscaping include earth berms and large tree plantings?

Answer: The landscaping for Weston Ranch Towne Center must comply with the landscaping guidelines of the Stockton municipal code and development code, and must be approved by the city’s Planning Commission and City Council as part of the development plan approval process. Various landscaping techniques, including large canopy tree plantings and earth berms where appropriate and in compliance with the landscaping guidelines, will be considered.


Will the project provide landscaped areas designed to break up parking lots and pedestrian or non-vehicular paths or sidewalks to allow convenient store-to-store access?

Answer: Absolutely. As part of Vestar’s own design of its open-air shopping centers, we always include pedestrian and other non-vehicular pathways that provide access to customers between stores throughout the entire project site. Vestar is committed to the concept of connectivity within the Weston Ranch Towne Center site that includes pedestrian, non-vehicular and vehicular connectivity throughout the entire project site.


What is the time frame for development of this project?

Answer: The city unanimously approved the project at their October 23, 2008 Planning Commission Meeting and December 2, 2008 City Council meeting. Now that all of the governmental review for the entitlements has taken place, there is an additional review process that includes the preparation and submittal of our architectural plans and landscaping plans that need to be approved before the project can break ground. Once the city has issued construction permits, the project will take about twelve months to construct. Developer intends to complete construction and open the shopping center in the fall of 2011.


What type of security will be provided once the shopping center is open?

Answer: Vestar will be responsible for private security on the premises to insure the safety and security of all customers to Weston Ranch Towne Center.


Community Outreach.


How do residents obtain information about the project?

Answer: Please check the website for details on the project or contact Vestar Development Co. or Buethe Communications directly.


How may residents express to Developer what types of stores they would like in the shopping center?

Answer: The developer has developed a community survey process in which the residents may inform us of which types of stores they would like to see in the center. The community outreach survey was distributed at the open houses as well as a direct mailing to all the residents of the Weston Ranch area. This website also contains a link under Contact Us where you may submit questions or comments about the developer’s Weston Ranch Towne Center. You may also call Judith Buethe at (209) 464-8707, extension 101.




Why is a shopping center being developed at this location?

Answer: Under the general plan update approved by the City of Stockton, this area is specifically designated for large scale commercial development. The Weston Ranch Towne Center will provide for its residents services and amenities that are much needed in this area.


What kinds of businesses will be located in this project?

Answer: Weston Ranch Towne Center is designed as an open-air shopping center. Typically, this means that there will be at least one large anchor tenant, associated junior anchor tenants, restaurants and specialty stores. Walmart is the major anchor tenant. Examples of junior anchor stores include Ross, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, PetSmart, and Office Depot. There will be dinner house restaurants, cafés, and specialty stores providing retail and service opportunities for the local residents. The developer has requested that the residents provide input on the types of businesses that they would be interested in seeing in Weston Ranch Towne Center.


Why is this project being developed as an open-air shopping center instead of an enclosed mall?

Answer: Vestar has been in business for more than 20 years as an open-air shopping center developer. Vestar develops properties and manages those shopping centers typically throughout the life of the center. Vestar has found its success in developing open-air shopping centers and the open-air shopping center concept is one that has received great success, especially in the west.